Huey FreemanEdit

Huey Freeman is seen as a 10 year old African American boy in the media franchise The Boondocks.


Huey does not practice relgion. He does have some religious views. He believes that Jesus is not of Caucasian heritage, and that Christmas is based off of a Pagan tradition. He is not active in prayer. In tears, he prays to anybody who is listening to his prayer to save the lives of Shabaz K. Miltonborough and Uncle Ruckus. He is aware of the existence of forces beyond our understanding, especially forces of nature. However, he also believes that everybody is both capable and responsible for their own miracles. He does not attend church for he believes there are many false prophets, political corruption, and brainwashing caused by church leaders.

Facial ExpressionsEdit

Here are examples of Huey Freeman's facial expressions. While most of the time both Huey and Riley are scowling, Huey is almost always scowling. His eyebrows almost appear to be permanently an anger expression even if he is smiling. Whenever Huey is smiling, it is only a very small grin that is barely noticeable. You have to pause the episode and carefully examine each frame. Here are examples of the very few times that Huey smiles.

Being extremely pessimistic, Huey is rarely seen smiling in the episodes. He is either in a neutral expression or is seen frowning or shrugging. In season one, episode "Let's Nab Oprah" frames 05:11 - 05:14, Huey was seen smiling during a fight with his brother Riley while he teases Riley by pointing a sword to Riley's neck; twice in "The Passion of Reverend Ruckus" at 03:40 when he asks Jazmine to come with him to prison (though the smile is quickly replaced with anger towards Jazmine), and at 15:17 answering the telephone; and twice in "The Block is Hot" at 03:26 when he set up his soap box and 05:45 when he watched Jazmine speak with Ed Wuncler, Sr. In the second season, he is seen smiling in two episodes. Once was in episode "Home Alone" at 18:40 when Granddad returns home after his trip to Costa Rica. The rest are in episode "Ballin'" at 17:07 when Riley finally insults Cindy, the opposing team's star player, enough to make her cry. 12:07, After scoring multiple baskets, Huey is seen smiling at his brother along with Granddad. He is also seen barely smiling at 17:34 during the timeout that Tom called to congratulate the team on their playing. Of any of these few instances, the smile is only a very small grin. Other than those few instances, Huey has never been caught smiling. This is not to say that Huey lacks a softer side, as he will take steps to help and protect those he considers friends or family (ex. Tom, Jazmine, Riley, etc.)

There is one occasion where Huey cries in the TV series. He is crying on a rainy night when he was unable to save the life of Shabaz K. Miltonburough and then begins praying. His prayers are answered when a bolt of lightning both saves the life of Shabaz and Uncle Ruckus.

Huey does not ever laugh.

Huey has shown an outwardly compassionate facial expression which did not involve scowling.

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Huey Freeman's styles of clothing is different from Riley Freeman's. He usually wears a common short sleeved polo shirt. Occasionally he wears it on top of a long sleeved polo shirt, and has a jacket or hoodie based on the outdoor weather. He did not take his shirt off in the TV Series. He took his shirt off in the newspaper comic whenever he mowed the yard on a hot day. In The Block Is Hot, he ignored the unseasonably hot weather and dressed in many layers including a scarf.


Huey Freeman has a large Afro hairstyle. This hairstyle was copied by Riley Freeman for a while in a clever attempt to get cornrows.


Robert FreemanEdit

Robert Freeman is the male lead for Huey and Riley. Certain times Huey and Robert get along well with each other. Robert does not have to worry about punishing Huey (with the exception of Huey and Riley's destructive fighting), but they have a mutual disrespect for each other. Huey is humiliated because Robert usually agrees with Huey until after Riley successfully convinces Robert otherwise. Robert is puzzled by Huey's causes, refusing to spend one more dime on "The End Of The World". There are other times when they do not agree with each other at all, resulting in outbursts of loud arguments. Huey tries to save Granddad from making various mistakes which are almost as ridiculous as Riley's mistakes. This is one of the causes for Huey's bleak attitude towards life because nobody likes to listen to Huey.

Riley FreemanEdit

Huey loves his brother, but cannot stand him. Riley is usually the opposite of Huey. They inexplicably share the same bedroom. Riley's side of the bedroom is unkempt. Also, while Huey is cautious, Riley takes unnecessary risks putting himself into danger. Huey will usually go about bailing Riley out of trouble. As the older brother, he will keep Riley grounded and fights him whenever Riley attempts to leave the house. He punishes Riley for spending all their money that caused a food shortage in the process. He also does not want Riley to spend time with Ed & Gin, as well as various Rappers. Afterwards Huey slaps Riley similar to an adult parent. Other times Huey lets Riley to go learn for himself but makes sure that Riley wears a bulletproof vest. Most of the time when they fight each other, it is because they are angry with each other. There have been only a few short moments when they playfully wrestled (although the wrestling still involved dangerous weapons.) They usually finish when they run out of furniture to destroy.

Cookie FreemanEdit

Cookie is a reasonable woman and is a supportive female lead for Huey and Riley, although she lives in Chicago and only sees the two when they visit her or when she visits them.

Tom DuBoisEdit

Huey is very disappointed in Tom. He believes that Tom has lost his soul in an attempt to fit into a Caucasian society. Tom sometimes represents everything that Huey doesn't believe in. However, Tom has looked to Huey for advice as Huey is a very mature person. Huey is also Tom's paralegal and has gone as far as sitting next to Tom in the courtrom.

Sarah DuBoisEdit

Similar to Tom, Sarah sees Huey as the mature person he is and will go to him whenever she needs to talk to The Freemans.

Jazmine DuBoisEdit

Jazmine and Huey rarely agree with each other. She admires Huey's efforts to improve society but does not understand his views. Huey does not spare Jazmine's feelings whenever he tells the truth. He reluctantly addmited her into the family's emergency plan in The Friend Chicken Flu. She was the only one that read his instructions.

Uncle RuckusEdit

Huey dislikes Uncle Ruckus. He does not excuse Uncle's racism, He does not trust Uncle for a baby sitter or bus driver. There are a few times when they agree on the same issues, but for slightly different reasons. During these times, they have formed a weak alliance with each other. Uncle has mistreated Huey and Riley very similar to his own abuse as a child. There are times that Uncle is no match for Huey. Huey and Riley shot Uncle out of their house. Another time Uncle was held hostage by Huey. Uncle does have a few martial arts skills that proves to be an effective combat against Huey. The two later held a rematch.

Ming Long-DouEdit

Huey has a similar personality to Ming. He can speak Ming's native language, and is a challenging athletic opponent for Ming. He has been a slight victim to Ming's determination and deception.

Michael CaesarEdit

Michael is one of Huey's few friends. At times he understands Huey completely while other times he is a comic foil to Huey's efforts.

The White ShadowEdit

Huey named a government agent "The White Shadow" as he obviously does not know his real name. He approaches The White Shadow with extreme caution. He does not show any fear or hostility towards The White Shadow. Huey initially rejects The White Shadow's offer of moral support as he does with any other adult. After that, he becomes very curious about The White Shadow, especially since nobody else has seen him, they don't believe Huey, and they just do not care. Huey then starts obviously hallucinating The White Shadow. He does not know how to contact The White Shadow, but it is not necessary - The White Shadow appears whenever he wants to, and in secrecy. According to Riley, The White Shadow is Huey's imaginary friend.

Cindy McPhersonEdit

Huey has competed both with and against Cindy. He selected Cindy to be on his kickball team. While he was not a team member of the basketball team in episode Ballin', he assisted Tom so that Riley could have distracting insults for Cindy.

Ed Wuncler, Sr.Edit

Huey does not like Ed Wuncler, Sr. to the point of racism. During his first encounter with Ed, Huey was furious about moving to "The Boondocks", a mostly Caucasian populated place dominated by The Wuncler family. His anger led to attempts to kill Ed whenever he has an opportunity. Further encounters with Ed only increased Huey's hatred. The reasons for this is that Ed's family is above the law. According to Huey, this invincibility is not limited to Woodcrest; They are International Criminals. He does not care for The Wunclers treatment of other people. In Season 4, The Wunclers increases Robert Freeman's debt to the point of slavery. As an attempt to escape from slavery, Huey manufactured explosives to use for killing Ed.

Ed Wuncler III and Gin RummyEdit

Huey does not like these people. He only interacts with them to keep Riley safe from the danger that they put Riley into. He also reluctantly asked for their assistance in an attempt to save Tom from being racially profiled. This was not necessary at all, because Huey and Riley were able to track down the criminal without their help. Later, Huey and Riley were dragged into a "freedom fighting" armed robbery of a gas station. As they are an example of corruption, Huey hates them for both what they do and what they represent.

Shabaz K. MiltonboroughEdit

Both Huey and Riley make new friends who are in jail. The inmates agree to visitation from Huey and Riley and become friends with them. One of Huey's inmates is Shabaz K. Miltonborough, whose career and livelihood ended when he was framed in a murder investigation. Despite the mountain of evidence against convicting Shabaz of the murder, the court system ignored the evidence and sentenced Shabaz to 25 years in prison and then to death row by electrocution. During what seemed like the final months of Shabaz's life, Huey discovered Shabaz, investigated, and did everything he could to free him (and was only able to overturn the death sentence). Huey was at odds with his friends and family because he seemed to be the only person who cared about Shabaz. Huey and Shabaz remained great friends as Huey cares for the life and freedom of other people (especially for the wrongly punished), and because Shabaz appreciates Huey's efforts to prove his innocence.


Cairo is said to be Huey's best friend, even after Huey moved from Chicago. Jazmine warned Huey that Cairo and Huey cannot possibly still be friends. She then offers to be Huey's best friend which he quickly refused. Huey was excited to visit Chicago again, calling it "Home". Granddad (Robert) shared Jazmine's suspicions that Cairo and Huey cannot possibly still be friends. Huey remained positive that the friendship prevailed. But when he and Cairo reconnected, he discovered that Cairo had made new friends including Dewey. Huey, Cairo, and Cairo's new friends spent a lot of time in Chicago but they got into many arguments and fights. The final blow (literally) was when Huey attempted to reconcile with Cairo. Cairo answered the door and saw Huey holding a gift basket with gifts as well as extending his other arm. Cairo sticks his hand out which appears to be offering a handshake. Huey accepts the handshake only to be grabbed by Cairo's hand forcefully. Cairo then head-butts Huey which spilled the gift basket and caused Huey to fly off the porch. Huey leaves in disgust saying "Being the bigger man is overrated." This encounter with Cairo explains why Huey does not have many friends. Their friendship also reflected Granddad's (Robert's) longtime yet very strained friendship with Moe. When Huey returns to Woodcrest, he resumes a distant friendship with Jazmine.


Dewey is Cairo's new best friend. His name is Dewey Jenkins with an enormously long middle name. (Meanwhile, Huey Freeman's middle name is still unknown. However, it is possible Huey could have a similarly unusual middle name.) Dewey can be considered Huey's evil twin. To add salt to the wounds, Dewey had convinced Cairo that Huey abandoned Cairo. Cairo began to ignore any form of communication from Huey. After Dewey's poetry recital, neither Huey and Riley are impressed. Huey defended Riley's criticism which causes Cairo to call Huey a Fake Nigga. After the two start fighting, Riley chases Dewey and those two get into a fight of their own. Dewey hated Huey's poetry recital. Unlike Huey, Dewey is only an activist for the fame and recognition. Dewey's outspoken attitude made it impossible for Huey and Cairo to stay friends, to the point of interrupting either of them.

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